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Do I need to be a student in your Partnership Program to submit deals?

Yes, you need to be a currently enrolled student in order to submit deals

I have a house under contract can you market it for me?

Yes, we can market it for you but you will need to be a Partnership Program Student

What happens after I submit a deal to you?

Your deal is submitted to our website and our app. It is also marketed on Craigslist and via our email blast to cash buyers.

If you find a buyer for one of my deals how do I get paid?

All profits are split 50/50 net of funding fees and closing costs

What about the deposit?

The deposit is returned to you at the closing via wire transfer along with your profits from the dal

When do I send in the deposit?

If we find a cash buyer for your deal then we will notify you when to wire the deposit. Do NOT wire the deposit unless instructed to do so by one of our staff.

Can you put up the deposit for me?

No you are responsible for putting the deposit in escrow with the title company. DO NOT wire the deposit until you are instructed to do so.